Why Diets Fail?

Fad diets can be so dreadful. No doubt about it. But why do people still try them in spite of that? Well, many think that they’re real — just like a proverbial fairy godmother that waves her magic wand and presto! Your fats would disappear in a jiffy!

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However, have you ever thought why you still have those jiggling fats and bouncing breasts while waddling like a duck along the streets? Millions of dollars have been poured into slimming pills and fad diets. But all they ever did is to increase our fears on wasting money for things that didn’t work. Even the experts think that traditional ways of dieting don’t work.

A lot of people are obsessed with dieting, and that includes you and I. Fad diets are like sweet lovers who promise things like overnight weight loss or quick weight loss.

In reality, they only offer temporary weight loss, after which you easily regain whatever you have lost in the first place.
Fad diets are like overnight stars without a talent who lost popularity almost as fast as they have promised results. They go against what good nutrition requires — eating a balanced diet that includes a variety of healthy foods. Fad diets concentrate on one type of food; thus, they make eating a dreadful and unwanted chore. They are so boring like an unimaginative wife that a person could not be motivated to stick on them long for a long time. The best way to lose weight and keep the pounds off is to eat less, do regular exercise and eat healthy foods.

Fad diets are unhealthy to our body. We need a variety of healthy nutrients daily to live and function properly. Otherwise, we will regain any weight we have lost once we are off the fad diet and sometimes gain more than what we have even weighed before.

Actually, fad diets have been around forever because new generations of overweight also look for something quick. But not many people are willing to live on fad diets forever, eliminate carbohydrates from their menu, or count calories for the rest of their life. That would be depressing indeed!

Here are Some Tips to Avoid Fad Diets:

  • Do they contain magic or miracle foods or secret ingredients?
  • Do they promise rapid weight loss?
  • Do they suggest exercise? There is no long-term weight loss success without exercise.

If you answered yes to the top two questions and no to the last question, then it is a fad. Avoid it because you will lose weight temporarily and regain whatever you have lost in a very short time.

Try to be well-informed on the types of diets that will help you. They have to be based on nutritional standpoints, not just from a physical and emotional standpoint. Fad diets will surely fail because you will only lose fluid and not fat. To keep weight permanently off, be well read and well informed; include rigorous exercise and incorporate diet change in your lifestyle.