14 Reasons Why We Should Exercise

Who has the time to exercise? Your job is eating up most of your time. When you reach home, you have to cook, wash the dishes and take good care of the kids. After doing the 1001 things that you need to do for the day, you still have to take good care of the biggest baby of them all — your husband. You’re busily trying to become super mom but you’re so tired. After all, you’re just human.

We’ve heard it all before: Exercise is good not just physically but also mentally. It keeps you healthy and trim. Body building tones your muscles that enable you to move around, do the things you ought to do for yourself and for your family. If you are active everyday, your body will be healthier and you will live longer. If you’re a tad off the weighing scale, you need to exercise.

If you don’t, you might die ahead of your time. Remember, the larger your waist line, the shorter your life span.

People should exercise for various reasons. Aside from making you healthy and feeling good about your body, it will also help you live a longer, fuller life.

Other benefits of exercise are as follows:

1. It strengthens your cardiovascular and respiratory systems by circulating oxygen-rich blood through your heart into your blood vessels;

2. It lowers the build-up of plaque in your arteries;

3. It prevents high blood pressure problems;

4. It lowers your blood pressure if you already have it;

5. With exercise and deep breathing, your lungs would hold more oxygen to keep your cells alive and healthy;

6. By keeping your bones and muscles strong, it prevents osteoporosis, a bone-weakening diseases;

7. As you get older, your bones and muscles will weaken, but exercise will help keep them strong;

8. Exercise will also help you to manage, lose, or maintain your weight;

9. It helps you to prevent diabetes, depression, pain and stress;

10. It definitely restores confidence and self-esteem in all departments;

11. It also helps you sleep better at night;

12. When you exercise, your brain releases endorphins that make you feel happy and alert;

13. Exercise will make your work situation more tolerable by relieving the job stress;

14. Finally, exercise will help avoid heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

The statistics are overwhelming. Recent studies have shown that people who are regularly active live longer than those who are always resting or sitting down. About two hundred and fifty thousand deaths happen each year due to lack of exercise and sedentary activity. Out of the various choices we could make to stay healthy, exercising is the most important choice of all.

People exercise for different reasons. It may be for health reasons, for you, your husband or simply to make you look good. Whatever your reasons, get up, get motivated, and you will see all of the benefits that exercise gives to the human body.